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2 Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party

2 Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party
2 Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party

2 Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party

Because of the escalating border issue under President Joe Biden, two lifelong Democrats recently stated they will seek re-election as Republicans.

Two female county judges in Texas border towns, Terrell’s Dale Carruthers and Presidio’s Cinderella Guevara have spoken out against President Biden’s border policies and their destructive effects on their communities.

The actions of the Biden administration, they believe, caused over 2 million immigrants from over 150 nations to enter the country illegally across the southern border, which is the sole reason they switched parties. Blankley wrote,  Enough is enough and They’re going to do something about the criminality that’s coming into our neighborhoods as a direct result of the open border.

Carruthers remarked that he came from a Hispanic heritage that was prominently Democrat and that  The recent events, especially the mayhem at the border, have convinced him that he must change his political affiliation. Also, he is proud to be a Republican and a judge in the beautiful state of Texas.

Guevara has also declared that he had been a Democrat since 1992.  Until this year, he always campaigned as a Democrat; As well as running for the first time as a Republican. He appreciates Gov. Abbott’s efforts to resolve the border situation in Texas, and he has his own gratitude for all he has done and is doing for the state.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is likely to resign or step back after the midterm elections in November, according to persistent rumors.
According to a recent story, California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is preparing to take over as speaker if Pelosi decides to step down after Republicans reclaim the House in November.  Meanwhile, Pelosi has declared her intention to run for re-election this coming November.

The Washington Post notes that Schiff has not made an explicit plea for endorsements. despite the fact that his efforts have centered on consolidating support within his home base in California. According to the Post, Schiff is also testing the waters to see whether any of the members are interested, and subtly hinting that he intends to run for caucus leadership. As Fox News Maria Bartiromo revealed last year, Pelosi may be contemplating a resignation.

Bartiromo reported during a Fox News segment that she had heard from sources that Pelosi would resign if the Democrats passed Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. She began that First, this morning is an exclusive, sources tell Sunday Morning Futures that there is speculation swirling in Washington that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may step down after getting the massive spending package through, which she said was a major accomplishment.

Therefore, all those Democratic lawmakers who were coerced into voting for the multitrillion-dollar package and thereby put their own reelection in peril may be incensed to find that the bill failed to pass. The Atlantic published an article in July saying that Pelosi will be leaving her position as Speaker in the not-so-distant future.

There was a prediction that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce her resignation in the not-too-distant future, most likely during the midterm elections of the following year. The majority of Democrats in and out of Congress expect her senior aides to follow suit and retire in the near future. Naturally, they all have canned responses in which they flat-out refuse to believe that anyone is ever going anywhere, as The Atlantic put it. However, “that time will come.”