Biden calls Trump’s philosophy semi-fascism

Biden calls Trump's philosophy semi-fascism
Biden calls Trump's philosophy semi-fascism

Biden calls Trump’s philosophy semi-fascism

Joe Biden, elated over a spate of legislative victories and eager to get the midterm campaigning underway, strutted into Maryland on Thursday and excoriated his predecessor’s philosophy as semi-fascism which exactly constituted an unusually highly charged denunciation of the GOP Members.

Biden told Democratic donors in the Washington suburb of Rockville, That we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of extreme MAGA philosophy, And he is going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism While referring to the ideology of the extreme Republicans he had been criticizing. President Joe Biden said later at a national Democratic Party event that he truly respects Republicans before a few thousand people packed into a nearby high school gym. Not one bit do I have any regard for the MAGA Republicans

President Biden also Mentioned that Noting there are not many real Republicans anymore. There hasn’t been a better August for a president in recent memory, with morale in the White House skyrocketing and new optimism spreading throughout the party in the face of what had been a dismal outlook on the upcoming midterm elections. Biden has been able to check off many of the promises he made in his speeches as the Democrats have passed a slew of signature bills in recent weeks. The president characterized the past year and a half as a period of recovery for the United States, saying, We’ve come a long way.

Biden seemed to enjoy the chance to mingle with the crowd one last time before calling it a night after a recent period of isolation while he recovered from Covid. A Republican spokesperson said Americans are still “suffering” from high inflation after the president’s “despicable” comment about fascism. The careful calculation the White House must make in deploying Biden over the next 75 days was highlighted by his evening in a blue state with few competitive elections. Even though the president’s popularity has been on the rise as of late, it is still only in the low to mid-40s, and many Democrats are still reluctant to appear alongside him.

Biden used his time on stage in Rockville to talk about the Democrats’ continued fight for abortion rights and the recent cancellation of student loan debt by his administration. He also mentioned universal pre-K as another campaign promise that has not been fulfilled. Once, while head of the Republican Party’s Senate campaign arm, he presided over a slideshow presentation that featured the proposal of Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.). Including Medicare and Social Security, according to Biden.

The president has warned that the MAGA Republicans pose a danger to more than just the country’s freedom and prosperity. They pose an existential risk to our democratic system. They are defiant against the wishes of the masses. They support armed political action. They are anti-democratic.

While discussing the potential outcomes of his climate and health care legislation, Biden declared, the life of our world is on the ballot.” A Republican Congress would mean that women couldn’t exercise their freedom to choose no matter where they lived, he said. Anywhere. Earlier, he had blasted Trump’s administration for lowering America’s standing on the world stage, citing Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine as an example.

When asked about the state of the United States international reputation, Biden admitted, I underestimated how much harm the previous four years had done. The Biden event attracted nearly 3,600 people, filling a gym and two overflow rooms. With $255 million for this cycle and $92 million for the year, the Democratic National Committee has announced record midterm fundraising for this time of year.