President Biden Just Suffered a Major D.C. Loss

President Biden Just Suffered a Major D.C. Loss

Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, not a single person believes that Joe Biden’s administration has been a success. In point of fact, American citizens have been taken aback by Joe’s extreme measures, which aim to restrict our liberties. We are reminded of the shocking attempt to stifle free speech, as well as the mandates and restrictions placed on it. But as of today, one of those plans has been abandoned for good.

Today marks the end of the infamous Disinformation Governance Board that served under the administration of Joe Biden. The poorly conceived board was marketed as a solution for “countering disinformation that threatens the homeland.”Concern was raised among a large number of Americans, including Democrats, who saw this as an obvious attempt to stifle our rights to free speech in this country.

The fact that a civilian, a liberal journalist who was no stranger to spreading disinformation herself, was put in charge of this board only served to make matters worse. The Department of Homeland Security had no choice but to disband this board as a result of the opposition it received from the general public. The notification that was issued today officially brings to a close a very troublesome section of the Biden administration.

But don’t let yourself be misled. If they are not openly attempting to manage disinformation, then they will attempt to do so in private. We are aware that major social networks have, of their own volition, remove content from their platforms that contradict the goals of the left. Everyone has come across those messages that come up before certain content on YouTube and other websites warning users about what they are about to view. The majority of the time, it is stuff that disagrees with one of the narratives that the left promotes.

It is not an overstatement to say that the administration of President Joe Biden will continue to look for ways to stifle speech that could be detrimental to its agenda. In particular, as we approach the midterm elections. The one and only answer? In spite of what President Biden may try to do, we must refuse to be silenced.