Biden Goes Off the Rails, Implodes on Live TV

Biden Goes Off the Rails, Implodes on Live TV
Biden Goes Off the Rails, Implodes on Live TV

Biden Goes Off the Rails, Implodes on Live TV

Joe Biden is being brought back into the spotlight by the Democratic Party as they prepare for the 2017 elections. You guys are aware that his approval rating is a lot lower than water, right? And the majority of people are aware that he is experiencing a mental decline.
It now appears that Biden has the potential to make matters much more difficult for his party.

Yes, Biden did promise a great deal, some of which runs counter to the statements he has made in the past. However, things grew much worse. They don’t respect you either, which is not surprising. After that, though, the elderly man completely loses it. This DNC gathering in Maryland had a very strange vibe about it for some reason. And before you ask, we are not referring to the obviously fabricated crowd that is standing behind old Joe.

During the course of this event, the president made a number of statements that shed new light on several topics. He made the assurance that the Democrats will accomplish a lot of things if they get a larger majority in the upcoming election.

In open defiance of the Supreme Court, they plan to write Roe v. Wade into law. They will make it illegal to own assault weapons. They will also make certain that nobody will ever be able to steal another election. Are you serious, Joe? What exactly does that entail? I thought nobody had ever stolen an election in the United States, especially in the year 2020.

But it got worse. The man who used to be known as a “compromise moderate,” Joe Biden, recently yelled that he does not respect “these MAGA Republicans.”Oh, you’re referring to the Republicans. It is hardly surprising that this occurred. Biden made a vow of unity, but he has never once attempted to collaborate with the Republican Party.

After that, the man yelled, the whole survival of the globe rests on the ballot! Right, Joe. Keeping making no sense at all. It’s unclear to me if he worked on behalf of Democrats or Republicans on this issue. Anyone with a functioning brain will recognize after listening to this speech that the very last individuals who should be in power are…Are President Joe Biden and the Democrats?