Trump Supporters Ambush Biden on His Vacation

Trump Supporters Ambush Biden on His Vacation
Trump Supporters Ambush Biden on His Vacation

Trump Supporters Ambush Biden on His Vacation

Joe Biden took some time off while the United States continues to struggle with high inflation and economic contraction. Old Joe is enjoying some rest and relaxation in South Carolina just as his party is pushing through a huge tax plan in Congress.

Even his shady son, the Hunter, managed to evade capture and was spotted aboard Air Force One with the rest of his family. After defrauding the government, Joe had a hard time letting go of his guilt and finding peace with himself. There were people there to represent the American people and let him know how they felt.

Something in my gut tells me that Joe Biden would have been greeted in a manner not dissimilar to this no matter where he went. Unless, of course, he traveled to Los Angeles, where he would have been met by a large number of people living on the streets. When President Joe Biden landed in South Carolina for his vacation for the week, a bunch of residents jeered at him.

Someone displayed a poster that referred to Bident as the “POTUS” who was the worst in history. In addition to that, it stated, “Thanks for Record Inflation, Global Instability, Empowering Cartels, and So Many More Crises!!!”

The president, Joe Biden, has been enduring appallingly low approval ratings. His approval rating has been steadily declining since the summer of the previous year. The administration has taken little action to improve these numbers and instead continues to push for policies that are even more unpopular. As a result of the multiple crises that have rocked the nation, inflation has spiraled out of control.

Despite all of this, Biden continues to try to fool the American people into believing that everything is in order by acting as though nothing is wrong. Um, when you stand by and let Putin attack Ukraine, when you hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban, and when you do nothing while China expands its military… There are problems with everything.

The only thing that Joe Biden is hell-bent on achieving is passing even more spending laws that would excessively tax American citizens while simultaneously directing money to his “green” pals. When he goes somewhere else, we shouldn’t be astonished if we witness additional crowds like this one.