Biden’s White House Gives Trump Supporters a Direct Order

Biden’s White House Gives Trump Supporters a Direct Order
Biden’s White House Gives Trump Supporters a Direct Order

Biden’s White House Gives Trump Supporters a Direct Order

It is now unknown what part Joe Biden played in the unprecedented raid on the house of Donald Trump. Biden asserts that he was “completely unaware” that his own FBI was planning to investigate his political opponent.

And now, the White House is attempting to turn the spotlight onto Trump’s followers, who are understandably furious about this development. Once again, the official statement disparages millions of people in the United States.

Oh, are you serious, Karine? She has the audacity to suggest that Americans are the ones in the wrong after the Democrats carried out an unprecedented and shocking FBI raid on the home of a former president because of paperwork. There is every reason for conservatives to feel outraged about what took place. Trump stated that he was not given any advance warning about the operation.

His office stated that it was assisting the National Archives in their investigation and had provided them with papers. Despite this, agents from the FBI working for Trump’s chief political adversary broke into his home, searched it for nine hours, and refused to allow his attorneys to see; yet his fans are the ones who are dangerous.

This is in line with the narrative that the left has been perpetuating about people who support Trump in the wake of the 2020 election. The idea that conservatives are “insurrectionists” who pose a threat to our democracy is one that the Democratic Party continues to propagate.

However, it wasn’t conservatives who were responsible for the months of unrest that occurred throughout the summer of 2020. And it wasn’t Trump backers who cut funding for the police and let crime spiral out of hand in the first place. There is no evidence that anyone is acting in any way other than a peaceful manner.

The claims that Trump supporters are engaging in various types of behavior emanate from liberal media sites, which cherry-pick anonymous online remarks to substantiate their claims. The actual question that should be answered by the White House is what role did President Biden have in this raid. When will the Department of Justice finally make the warrant and conclusions public?