Manchin Won’t Support Democrats or Biden Anymore

Manchin Wont Support Democrats or Biden Anymore
Manchin Wont Support Democrats or Biden Anymore

Manchin Won’t Support Democrats or Biden Anymore

A longtime nemesis of the Democratic Party, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has finally decided that he doesn’t want the Democrats to win the midterms. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, anchor Chuck Todd asked him if he does hope that Democrats keep control of the House and Senate.

The senator said that he thinks that people are sick and weary of politics, Chuck truly believes that. People are tired of Democrats and Republicans sparring and squabbling and holding up legislation because they didn’t get their way or because someone else might receive credit for something. I think that’s the case. For the sake of our country, we should do something. Why not just state, This is excellent for the United States of America I’ve long held that excellent administration is the best form of politics. Chuck, make a difference. However, I will refrain from making any predictions about the future.

The host, on the other hand, did not ask him to make a forecast; instead, he inquired about what he desired. The host added that he is not asking him to forecast. And his wishes What does he wish to achieve and his preference? And if he would want the Democrats to retain control of Congress. Again, the senator refused to say that he was on the side of the Democrat Party.

The senator answered that he is not making those choices or decisions And also he is going to put it to good use. Those are the words he has used time and time again.  believes that the Democrats have some excellent candidates in the race. The people he has worked with have been pleasant. In addition, He has a great deal of admiration for his Republican colleagues. Also, he said that he is  able to work on either side of the aisle with ease

However, the host made a final try to extract an answer from the guest. The host asked if he doesn’t care about the outcome this year of the election The senator answered that whatever the people decide in response to the senator’s question. What will happen in Kansas or California or Texas is out of the senator’s hands.  cannot do it. In the past, He has always treated anybody they give him as a representative of them, and for that, He has great regard. In addition, He holds the government in high regard for the individuals it dispatches,

and he does everything in his power to cooperate with them in order to get the best results for his country. Playing politics this way isn’t something he does. That’s not how he felt about when he spoke on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, he also refused to commit to backing President Joe Biden for re-election in 2024.The host asked the senator if he would support president Biden in the 2024 Election The senator said that The problem is that everybody is scared about the elections,

The host said that This was a straightforward question. Senator said that he answered in response to the question. that he won’t be a part of that. The presenter retorted that the senator can’t even rule out voting for a Republican for president…. The senator mentioned that he is not getting involved in the 2024 election and that all that he has to say.

Manchin put the brakes on Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer’s budget reconciliation package earlier this month, saying it “has to be cleansed much better” in light of inflation reaching 9.1 percent.In addition, The Senator Stated that he is going to ensure that he has every input on cleaning everything humanly possible that could be considered provocative,”

In a statement, the senator added that debt reduction would account for half of the money earned from prescription medication savings and tax reform. Negotiations should be held back because of the strong June inflation data, he added, noting that negotiations should be careful. Just take your time and make certain that everything is done correctly. The biggest inflation rate in the last 40 years means we can’t afford any missteps, he said.

Manchin has set a deadline of September 30 for passage of the legislation, which Democrats want to achieve before the August recess. A provision to continue subsidizing health insurance plans was not completely ruled out by him; nevertheless, the method by which it is paid for would be an important consideration.

There must be a way forward that does not inflame people, the senator stated. However, he wants to limit the bill’s spending so as not to further harm the economy. According to him, anything that might be inflationary at this point in time with 9.1 percent should be a red herring because of the difficulty it has on everyone in this country.

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