Democrat Give GOP the Key to Protect 2nd Amendment

Democrat Give GOP the Key to Protect 2nd Amendment
Democrat Give GOP the Key to Protect 2nd Amendment

Democrat Give GOP the Key to Protect 2nd Amendment

In recent days, Democrats in Congress have attempted to reinstate a prohibition on what they refer to as assault weapons. In point of fact, the prohibition would make it impossible for American citizens to purchase semi-automatic guns like the AR-15.

The argument put out by Democrats is that You don’t need that kind of rifle. Semi-automatic firearms are inherently dangerous weapons of war that have no place in recreational shooting, hunting, or any other civilian activity. On the other hand, the anti-Second Amendment argument is completely demolished as a result of a mistake made by Jerry Nadler.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, who supports the most recent attempt to ban so-called assault weapons, recently confessed that the firearms the government is attempting to outlaw are in general usage. That is, they are used often by law-abiding citizens of the United States for activities such as hunting, sports, or protecting their homes (among other uses).

The argument that nobody needs an AR-15 or that people are using them to commit crimes like mass shootings is brought into question as a result of this. According to the most recent statistics provided by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the United States is home to at least 24 million modern sports rifles (MSRs), one of which is the AR-15.

24 million people in total. Does this imply that everybody who possesses one of these firearms is a potential threat? Nope. The country has a total of twenty-four million MSRs. All of them are being utilized in a responsible manner by law-abiding persons in accordance with the law.
So… why do we need a ban? It would make sense to outlaw these guns if they were uncommon and were exclusively used to cause harm to other people.

But if there are so many semi-auto rifles in American hands, and they are only infrequently employed in criminal activity, then there is no need to restrict them. Even Democrats are aware of this fact… And Nadler just let the cat out of the bag.