Americans Told Democrats They Haven’t Made Difference

Americans Told Democrats They Havent Made Difference
Americans Told Democrats They Havent Made Difference

Americans Told Democrats They Haven’t Made a Difference

Hearings held in public by the Democrats’ J6 commission required both time and financial investment. It would appear that the commission’s objective was to find reasons to blame President Trump for the events that occurred on January 6th. But have the hearings, which were poorly attended and poorly viewed, done anything to influence people’s minds? We have the numbers to back it up.

Wow, it was a huge swing, and it missed! Hearings that Democrats spent weeks broadcasting were designed to cast a negative light on President Trump and Republican lawmakers. Nevertheless, there are apparently only a small number of voters who are impacted by this latest poll. After watching, only 34 percent of people are likely to vote for the Democrats. Thirty percent of respondents have indicated that they are more likely to vote Republican. And a total of only 32% of respondents claimed that the hearings influenced how they will vote in the election.

When you take into account the amount of time and effort that Pelosi and her fellow Democrats were putting into these hearings, those are some pretty amateur numbers. Even though they knew it was third-hand information, members of the media tried to make a big deal out of the testimony of a former Trump staffer. The myth was exposed as a fabrication in a matter of hours. What made the Democrats’ plan so ridiculous was the fact that practically all of its attention was concentrated on Donald Trump.

However, Trump will not be standing for office this year. Even if he does endorse candidates, voters won’t be basing their votes on what President Trump did or didn’t do on January 6th since it won’t matter to them. Instead, they will cast their ballots based on how the Democrats have managed the country since 2021. And what exactly have we witnessed? Gas prices that skyrocket, inflation, unrest overseas, an open border, and even worse are all possibilities. The left can scream Trump until the cows come home. It doesn’t look like it’s going to save them.

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