Biden and the Liberal Media Act Like They’re in Denial

Biden and the Liberal Media Act Like They’re in Denial

Biden and the Liberal Media Act Like They’re in Denial

Since a long time ago, analysts have been expecting this outcome. In fact, Joe’s very own supervisor had anticipated it. The out-of-control spending of the government under Biden, along with the unregulated inflation, was going to harm the economy. He insisted over and over that it was not going to take place.

The majority of economic analysts agree that two consecutive quarters of declining economic activity constitute the definition of a recession. Meaning the United States of America has recently learned that it has been experiencing a recession for the past three months. The evidence points in only one direction. The signs are all over the place. A recession is considered to have occurred when the economy has contracted for two consecutive quarters.

But all that Joe can say about the slowdown in the economy is that it “comes as no surprise.” I’m sorry, but this is the very same administration that only a few moments earlier asserted that the economy was doing well. The rate of inflation has been steadily growing month after month. Biden’s been in office. The suffocating effect that high gas prices have had on the economy has spread to almost every sector.

Biden asserted that a recession was not in the cards for the country. Now, he acts as though the economy is not in a recession while admitting that it is slowing down. Once more, he is denying the truth and evading responsibility for the current situation by choosing to ignore the facts. When did the phrase “the buck stops here” go out of style?

Even his press secretary appears to be in a state of panic and is attempting to mislead us into believing that there has not been a recession. When is this administration going to stop avoiding the truth and start facing it? Biden gave his word that they would “build back better.” Instead, we’ve only seen a decline. The degree to which this government is unwilling to accept responsibility for the judgments it has already taken is quite frightening.