Nancy Pelosi Left Stage After Reporter Confronts Her

Nancy Pelosi Left Stage After Reporter Confronts Her
Nancy Pelosi Left Stage After Reporter Confronts Her

Nancy Pelosi Left Stage After Reporter Confronts Her

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has no plans to publicly address Paul Pelosi’s problematic stock dealings any time soon. Her husband’s stock trading was brought up at her weekly press briefing, which she did not find particularly pleasant. The reporter asked Speaker, who looked confused, whether her husband had ever bought or sold stocks based on information she had provided.

she murmured as she ran off the stage by saying No No, Thanks! Congress is about to vote on a package that might give $52 billion to semiconductor companies, and Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, is taking a beating for investing $5 million in stock in a chip manufacturer.

It was reported on Friday that Pelosi, a Democrat from California, had returned to her active trading ways in the stock market in June, buying millions of dollars worth of Nvidia Corporation shares while selling large quantities of Visa and Apple stocks and call options, as detailed in a disclosure obtained by The Epoch Times. When Nancy Pelosi revealed Paul had spent nearly $2 million on Apple and Microsoft stock options back in June, the news hit like a bombshell. In San Francisco, Paul runs a successful real estate and consulting business under his own name.

It was NVIDIA stock, however, that caught the eye of investors because the company is a global leader in the semiconductor industry. Craig Holman, a government relations lobbyist for the left-leaning think tank Public Citizen, told the Daily Caller News Foundation, that it certainly creates the idea that Paul Pelosi could have access to some confidential legislative information. This is why there is a stock trading app that tracks only Paul’s trades and encourages its followers to do the same.

Paul Pelosi was detained for driving under the influence at the end of May, and his lawyer released a statement soon after. The lawyer said that Several news reports about the traffic incident involving Paul Pelosi on Saturday night have included inaccurate information. At the time, Mr. Pelosi was at a dinner party at the house of friends near Oakville.

At 10:15 p.m. on Saturday, he left the party and drove to his house. According to the statement that he was sitting in his automobile by himself. After halting at the Walnut Drive/Highway 29 crossroads, he crossed Highway 29 to Oakville Cross Road, where his automobile was rear-ended by a Jeep traveling northbound on Highway 29.

An attorney for Pelosi said his client that is completely cooperated with California Highway Patrol officials and that a past driving charge erroneously ascribed to The reference of Mr. Pelosi is inaccurate and most likely refers to a different individual with the same name. Furthermore, there are sometimes inaccurate accounts that misstate the timeline of events, And the statement said. At 10:15 p.m. on Saturday, Mr. Pelosi left the dinner gathering. Moments later, the unexpected happened. The CHP and Napa County processing time was not until 7:30 AM on Sunday.