Trump Said Investigations Into Him Would Immediately Cease

Trump Said Investigations Into Him Would Immediately Cease
Trump Said Investigations Into Him Would Immediately Cease

Trump Said Investigations Into Him Would Immediately Cease

On Saturday night, former President Donald Trump appeared at a campaign rally in Arizona to support candidates he has endorsed, including the GOP frontrunner for governor Kari Lake. During his speech, Trump attacked the investigation by the Jan. 6 Committee and other probes into his past conduct, arguing that they would immediately end if he said he wasn’t running for president again in 2024.

He called the investigation by the committee a hoax and said that if he decided not to run, the persecution against him would immediately stop. At the Prescott Valley Save America rally, Trump said that They’re going after him because he is sticking up for the people. He was campaigning for Lake, Masters, and a newly endorsed candidate, Crane, who’s really campaigning for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional Seat.

Oh, I’m really upset the young woman murmured in the prank that Trump had seen the night before. In a letter she sent us three weeks after January 6, she said surprisingly that she adored working for the president. And It’s Amazing. He also slammed the previous witness, former White House assistant Cassidy Hutchinson, for testifying that the president had tried to order his Secret Service escort to transport him to the Capitol.

Imagining this completely fictitious account, he asked if It was completely made up, and he is grateful to the good people at the Secret Service for issuing a statement saying it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Then she had me hurling dishes in the Oval Office. No, I don’t trash the Oval Office with my leftovers. When I eat, I don’t just chuck it. The trouble is that I keep eating it. He joked saying that he would be better off if he threw it.

Trump went on to criticize the committee’s decision on January 6 to not invite Secret Service officials who may potentially disprove Hutchison’s claims through testimony. What’s happening in our country, he continued, is simply a dreadful thing. The phony news media are completely complicit in this, and it’s sickening. You can tell they aren’t being honest just by looking at them.

Trump said that he can’t do that because he loves this nation, and he loves us implying that he would be unable to accept the media and Democrats moving on to the next victim if he suddenly decided he wouldn’t run. During his speech, the ex-president boasted that he had a very excellent and rich existence before entering the great world of politics.

It’s my honor to do this for you, he told me. If I don’t, I fear the United States will go the way of Venezuela or the Soviet Union or a more extensive version of Cuba, where everything is lost and there is no hope. It’s been over a year since Trump first hinted publicly about perhaps running again in 2024, but he has yet to make a formal announcement.

Nonetheless, it was reported this week that Trump plans to announce his candidacy later this summer or early fall, well before the midterm elections in November. For Trump, the decision has already been made, he told New York Magazine, so external forces have no bearing. To be honest with you, I’ve already decided that in my head.