Kamala Harris Tells Supporters to Fight It in the Streets

Kamala Harris Tells Supporters to Fight It in the Streets
Kamala Harris Tells Supporters to Fight It in the Streets

Kamala Harris Tells Supporters to Fight It in the Streets

The Democratic Party is currently making an effort to distance itself from the pranks it engaged in just a few short years ago. In the year 2020, Democrats spread misinformation about police officers and promoted unrest. The majority of them, to this day, act as if the event never took place.
But leave it to the ever-reliable Kamala Harris to expose their hidden motivations.

Ouch. It is evident that she said fight it in the streets, despite the fact that her audio was interrupted for a split second. Joe, could you just repeat what you said earlier about supporting “law and order”? On the eve of important elections, a significant number of Democrats are pretending that they have always been on the side of law enforcement.

(Despite the fact that the crime rates in these cities are continuing to skyrocket.)On the other hand, it would appear that Kamala Harris was unaware of the situation. She is said to have pushed followers to fight in the streets at a talk that she gave at the annual conference of the National Urban League. What exactly does that entail? I was under the impression that the Democrats only backed “largely peaceful” demonstrations.

A street battle, though, has a whole different ring about it. Is Kamala alluding to riots and other potentially harmful behaviors in her statement? We are aware that the far-left extremists inside the Democratic Party have no qualms about engaging in fighting. They have a long history of harboring deep-seated animosity toward conservatives. Some people even published the addresses of conservatives, well aware that doing so would put their lives at risk.

But for someone with the title of vice president to make a statement like this? This is not a good thing.I have no doubt that her staff will make an effort to explain that she was merely being figurative. that by the fight she meant to protest and make their voices heard, and that this is what she intended.However, she did not say that at all. And just like the comments of a large number of other liberals, her statements, too, have the potential to be taken as a call to violence.

There are a lot of mentally sick people out there who will take what she says at its value. And Kamala is aware of this as well (or is too obtuse to understand the danger). Isn’t this something the Democrats have often accused President Trump of doing, despite the fact that he has never encouraged anyone to fight in the streets? Once more, the left’s double standard is out in the open for all to see.