Democrat Policies Just Backfired Bigly on Starbucks

Democrat Policies Just Backfired Bigly on Starbucks
Democrat Policies Just Backfired Bigly on Starbucks

Democrat Policies Just Backfired Bigly on Starbucks

You’ve certainly heard about how Starbucks, the largest coffee business in the country, closed 16 outlets in blue cities. Considering that the same cities have a high unemployment rate. After spending its fortune to back liberal candidates, the enormous company is now griping about the perils of having to do business in municipalities that are ruled by Democrats.

However, this is by no means over. The CEO of Starbucks recently made the statement that America has become unsafe. There is still safety across the entirety of the United States. The portions of the United States that are ruled by Democrats have become more dangerous. This issue arose, in large part, as a direct result of the policies that Schultz and his company had supported over the course of many years.

It is common knowledge that the top executives at Starbucks are among the most outspoken proponents of the awakened mindset. Starbucks was ahead of the curve when it came to other firms embracing ideas from the far left. They even made the claim that they would hire 100,000 immigrants at one point as a jab at trump After that, however, he said something that really caught me off guard.

Even though he doesn’t mention Democrats by name, let’s be straightforward here. We are aware of who is responsible for making these decisions. Starbucks has noted concerns with being required to keep the bathrooms open for the public, regardless of whether or not the individual occupying the bathroom is a paying customer. Try to guess where that event is going to take place. Never in the red states, that much is certain. He lists a lot of other difficulties in poorly run towns and states as reasons why Starbucks is closing stores, and all I can say is, you deserve it.

Profits from Starbucks have been used to support causes associated with the left. They have been instrumental in the election of Democrats to positions of power at all levels of government. However, now that their own progressive policies are causing problems for cities, do they want to blame America? Garbage. Perhaps none of this would have taken place if Starbucks had supported candidates who advocated for law and order, or if the company had at the very least refrained from engaging in political activity.

But it has come to this because Schultz and other executives felt the need to display the liberal merit badges they had earned. It is very low that, now that these cities are failing, Starbucks is pulling out and going out of business.

Everyone else who they assisted in getting into this problem is stuck here and cannot easily flee. It is impossible for all the households in the inner city that Democrats persuaded to vote for them to simply up and move. After contributing to the creation of this issue, however, Starbucks has decided to dodge the issue.