Biden Team Claims Americans Save $50 per Month

Biden Team Claims Americans Save $50 per Month
Biden Team Claims Americans Save $50 per Month

Biden Team Claims Americans Save $50 Per Month

Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to spin the numerous crises that his administration has caused. Perhaps the most serious of his problems has been the inflation that his far-left energy policies have caused. The cost of gasoline has increased dramatically over the course of the past year, but it has dropped by a few cents in the past month and Joe is not to blame.

However, his own team is now attempting to take credit for the victory, but their math is completely off. Over the course of this summer, there has been a slight decrease in the price of gasoline due to factors that are unrelated to the administration of President Joe Biden. Even though prices have dropped, President Biden has not altered his policies in any way to encourage oil producers to increase output.

His group, on the other hand, is more than happy to take credit for something for which they were in no way responsible. But even accounting for that, their numbers are wildly inaccurate. In comparison to a few months ago, Biden’s adviser Brian Deese claims that Americans are now saving “$50 a month” on gasoline prices.

On the other hand, if one follows that line of reasoning, then Americans are still being forced to pay an extra $200 per month for gas compared to when Biden was in office. Will Deese accept responsibility for the decrease in the pay of $200? I doubt it. When things aren’t going well, Biden’s team will always point the finger at another person. Putin. Republicans. Those avaricious service stations

They seem to celebrate even the smallest improvement in the situation as if it were a win, even when Joe hasn’t done anything to cause it. How could we possibly have forgotten that he was the one who got us into this mess in the first place? Do you remember when they boasted about how much money we saved on hotdogs for the Fourth of July the year before?

Or how about the claim that the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan was the “largest withdrawal in the history of the United States”?Yes, we had no choice but to leave because Biden broke his promise not to hand the country over to the Taliban and allowed them to take control of it. It would appear that this administration is nothing more than a farce.