Mexican President Trolls Biden During Meeting

Mexican President Trolls Biden During Meeting
Mexican President Trolls Biden During Meeting

Mexican President Trolls Biden During Meeting

Other countries are paying notice as the United States battles with growing inflation and prices that are at historically high levels for many of the needs of daily living. Despite the fact that a large portion of the world is experiencing economic challenges, it seems that each country is taking a different strategy. For example, Mexico has lately begun to subsidize the cost of gasoline in an effort to prevent prices from skyrocketing.

As a result of this, Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto took the opportunity this week to poke fun at President Joe Biden. The price of gasoline continues to rise in the United States, and oil companies have responded angrily to President Joe Biden’s statements on multiple occasions. The majority of economists believe that attributing the rise in gas prices only to the conflict in Ukraine does not tell the complete story.

Now: On Tuesday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador delivered a lengthy speech in the Oval Office, during which he discussed a wide range of topics, including immigration policy and the New Deal. The most entertaining part of the speech, though, was when President Obrador mentioned Mexico’s more affordable gas rates. They are so substantially lower than those in the United States that people are already crossing the border into Canada rather than the United States.

Eli Stokols, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who covers the White House, tweeted about Obrador’s address and focused on the part where he suggested that Americans are heading south to find cheaper gas. Some people in the United States are making the trip across the southern border to Mexico to save money on gas because the price of gas is one dollar less per gallon in Mexico.

Biden attempted to rebut the notion by asserting that the United States is experiencing the highest rate of economic growth in the world. However, this assertion has been called into question by a number of politicians and financial professionals during the year 2022. Whatever the case may be, Americans continue to spend a significant amount of money at the pump, and Obrador couldn’t help but point out that Mexicans had it easier in this regard.

Relationships between the United States and Mexico aren’t in the best shape right now, especially with the situation at the border continuing in its current state. The majority of Republicans and conservative lawmakers are critical of the administration of President Joe Biden for their failure to handle this crucial issue. And it was claimed that in 2021, there was an influx of one million illegal immigrants into the country.

Recent events have resulted in a number of counties in Texas declaring that the onslaught constitutes an “invasion” and requesting Governor Greg Abbott to take some decisive action. In addition to this significant challenge, however, the United States must still contend with soaring inflation and the very real prospect of economic contraction. And the fact that people are leaving the country to go to Mexico in search of cheaper gas is not something that speaks well of Biden’s government.