American Energy tells Biden to stop blaming them

American Energy tells Biden to stop blaming them
American Energy tells Biden to stop blaming them

American Energy tells Biden to stop blaming them

Joe Biden has assured everyone that he will not travel to the Middle East in order to beg for oil. What do you think? That was not the case at all. Naturally, we were all aware of that fact. He is currently located in Saudi Arabia, where he is attempting to negotiate a deal with oil producers who have previously stated that they will not boost production.

However, American energy corporations are speaking out, despite the fact that Biden has criticized them and hampered their operations. Top energy representatives in the United States have criticized President Biden for traveling all the way to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil when we already have the resources here at home.

The spokesperson for this organization stated, “Texas is a lot closer than Saudi Arabia.” They also demanded that President Biden find a solution to the gas situation in the country. This comes after President Biden pointed the finger of blame at energy companies for driving up gas costs. He accused them of artificially inflating prices rather than engaging with them to find solutions to the problem. Biden refuses to face the truth that it was his administration (and his own pen) that established the policy that is hurting American energy, and he also refuses to take responsibility for the policy.

Because drilling was prohibited on federal territory, oil production in a number of states came to a halt under Biden’s administration. His environmental agenda is adding even more costs and burdens to the operations of businesses. But he has no problem with Saudi Arabia increasing the amount of oil it produces, does he? What exactly is going on here? If it were up to Biden, American employees would be better off employed by oil firms in other countries than in the United States.

Because of this, many people in the United States believe that Joe Biden does not prioritize them. It would appear that he is going out of his way to assist international entities while shamelessly ignoring our needs. He takes “vengeance” on the “evil” American oil firms, accusing them of “destroying the environment.” But he has no problem with Arabs engaging in it?