Democrats Just Turned on Kamala Harris

Democrats Just Turned on Kamala Harris
Democrats Just Turned on Kamala Harris

Democrats Just Turned on Kamala Harris

You can probably imagine how difficult the weekend was for those on the left. After their attempts to intimidate the Supreme Court were unsuccessful, pro-choice activists rioted across blue cities. The fact that Democrats have made numerous threats against the court demonstrates that their motivations have little to do with respecting the rights of any individual. After one of their own leaders, Kamala Harris tweeted something, these rabid activists turned against one of their own Leaders.

When they didn’t get their way, leftists, as is their custom, resorted to attacking others. Several cities broke out in violence, which will almost certainly protect women’s access to abortion services. We did not see many demonstrations in red cities; perhaps this is because the police would have actually arrested the protesters if they had occurred.

A photo of Kamala Harris watching CNN was attached to a tweet that she recently posted. She asserted that she and Vice President Joe Biden were fighting to ensure that women would continue to have the option to terminate their pregnancies. That didn’t go over too well with the rabid left, unfortunately. Users were quick to criticize Harris, saying that her post was analogous to sharing thoughts and prayers, a phrase that Democrats reportedly despise using.

It would appear that pro-choice advocates are aware of the reality, which is that the current administration is all talk and no action. Why should people believe Harris will take any action regarding the Roe v. Wade decision when she has taken no action benefiting the United States since she took office?

At long last, those on the left are pointing out Harris’s obvious lack of competence. Even if it is for a very poor reason, Democrats are acknowledging that Harris and Biden have very little chance of getting anything accomplished in their roles as vice-presidential candidates.

After everything that has transpired since January 2021, we have no doubt that this is accurate. One thing is all that Biden and Harris are good at, and that is starting destructive fires. In spite of their best efforts, they continue to make the situation even more precarious.

Democrats have been aware of this fact but have pretended as though it was not the case. Only now, when they are on the side that is going to lose an argument, are they starting to freak out. They are now suffering as a result of electing people who are unable to get anything done for them. The same as the rest of us have been doing since this time last year.