America’s Veterans Just Got A Historic Victory

Americas Veterans Just Got A Historic Victory
Americas Veterans Just Got A Historic Victory

America’s Veterans Just Got A Historic Victory

The bravest people in this nation are disregarded far too frequently. Veterans of the armed forces frequently face uphill battles in their quest to obtain attention and respect, and even obtaining the necessary medical care can be difficult at times. Because it at long last provides injured veterans with the treatment they so desperately require, a new piece of legislation has garnered the support and praise of military families. And it couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment either.

This week, the “PACT” Act, which goes a long way toward helping millions of the nation’s veterans, was easily passed with bipartisan support in the Senate. Veterans of the armed forces and their families have been fighting for this for “decades,” and this victory marks the culmination of their efforts. They have been petitioning the United States government for years, demanding that those who have been injured on the job receive appropriate medical treatment.

In particular, those individuals who are subjected to toxic fumes in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan benefit from this legislation. The statute was given its name in remembrance of Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, who was one of many people to experience the adverse effects of exposure while serving overseas. Because he was far from the only victim, this bill is unquestionably required to be passed.

The passage of the bill was cause for celebration for Robinson’s widow, and she chose to honor her late husband by devoting it to him. Robinson did not make it through his ordeal alive. But we can only hope that this legislation will make it possible for a great many more people to continue living.

Before the help can officially arrive for these heroes, there is, of course, still some bureaucratic red tape standing in the way. Jon Feal, who was instrumental in getting the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund passed in Washington, and Stewart both worked tirelessly on behalf of veterans to see this initiative succeed. According to Feal, the PACT Act is all about “never leaving anybody behind,” and this legislation, which will bring some solace to the approximately 3.5 million veterans who may have been affected by burn pits, will cost $278 billion.

Rosie Torres, founder of the advocacy group Burn Pits 360, was the first person to start lobbying for the PACT Act. Her efforts began more than ten years ago. After serving in Iraq, her husband, LeRoy Torres, returned home with a number of serious health problems.

It was impossible for service members to avoid being exposed to those fumes because the pits in question had been used to burn more than 1,000 different chemical compounds.It was just one of the many precarious situations that our heroes found themselves in around the clock. Therefore, when they return home, the very least that we can do for them is to provide the necessary medical care. Keep in mind the uplifting and patriotic message that former President Donald Trump delivered on Memorial Day. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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