Biden’s Press Secretary Has a Rough Day

Bidens Press Secretary Has a Rough Day
Bidens Press Secretary Has a Rough Day

Biden’s Press Secretary Has a Rough Day

The new press secretary at the White House is not exactly setting themselves apart from the previous one. Karine Jean-Pierre has already had a difficult time responding to challenging questions regarding Joe Biden’s continuing decline in health. Don Lemon, of all people, questioned Jean-Pierre about Joe Biden’s physical fitness not too long ago. She didn’t even respond.
Wow. A response that is not even close to being reasonable to a question that everyone is asking. Then, when Doocy was confronted with her own inflation, she ignored the facts in a flagrant manner.
Oh my goodness, where do we even begin? Don Lemon of CNN questioned the White House press secretary regarding the ongoing health concerns regarding President Biden.

Jean-Pierre did not provide a genuine response, claiming that the question is inappropriate and that we should not be asking it. Please refrain from inquiring about Joe Biden’s health, everyone. Thanks. You are not the only one who is concerned about a man in his late 80s having the physical stamina to perform the most physically demanding job in the world. Instead of sounding like a credible spokesperson, Jean-Pierre comes across as more of a political talking puppet. She avoids answering the questions directly and instead advances the talking points of the Democratic National Committee.

When Peter Doocy pressed further on the topic of inflation, it appeared as though this was the case.
Strangely, Jean-Pierre asserted that the “stimulus” bill proposed by Biden was responsible for the “economic boom.” When she was asked if it led to inflation, she responded categorically No. The exception to this is that the stimulus bill caused millions of people to leave the labor force because they were eligible for increased unemployment benefits.

In addition to this, it injected one trillion new dollars into the economy of the United States, which automatically lowered the value of the dollar. These two elements worked together to create a fleeting bubble that popped relatively quickly after it formed. As the purchasing power of Americans decreased, businesses had a difficult time finding and hiring new employees.Why then doesn’t Jean-Pierre just admit to this fact? Is it her job to simply answer questions in an honest manner, or is it her job to bolster the image of the presidency?

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