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Ted Cruz Makes Major Midterms Predictions

Ted Cruz Makes Major Midterms Predictions
Ted Cruz Makes Major Midterms Predictions

Ted Cruz Makes Major Midterms Predictions

Sen. Ted Cruz made some interesting predictions about what he thinks will happen to the other party in the midterm elections in November. Cruz told co-host Michael Knowles on their podcast Verdict that he thinks Democrats will lose big in the midterms because their policies are literally driving away their own voters, like the billionaire Elon Musk,

The Democrats in power don’t seem to have any idea what’s going on. They’ve made a lot of mistakes, but as far as I can tell, they’re making three really big mistakes on the economic front right now, Knowles said on the show.

Not only have they made a lot of bad decisions about the economy that have hurt the country and their political standing, but they aren’t changing their minds. When it comes to energy, they’re stepping it up, he said. They’re doubling down on so many things when it comes to the economy, culture, and social issues. They’re defending drag queens jiggling for kids, really little kids in bars, 21+ bars in Texas, of all places, he said. You know, Michael, it reminds me of those Girls Gone Wild videos that came out every spring break and showed lots of college girls in bikinis or not bikinis. Cruz, a Republican from Texas, replied.

It makes me think of a lot of the same things. This is called Liberals Gone Wild. This is the crazy left. This is AOC and Elizabeth Warren, thank God, not in bikinis, but embracing their socialist craziness, he said. I mean, it’s like someone got together in a bar and said, How much crazy stuff can we do? Like, how far can we go to get people to leave, and not just conservatives, the Texas Republican went on. That’s a given, and it’s not just moderates or independents, Cruz said.

I do want to clear something up, Senator, just about Girls Gone Wild. I only watched it for the articles, said Knowles.I think it’s a good comparison that they’ve gone to extremes and done what makes them the craziest. So, what will happen to them in these elections that are really coming up right now? the co-host asked Cruz. I know what will happen in November. In November, they’re going to get wiped out. It will be a very important election. Everything is so extreme, Cruz said.

Hey, Bill Maher, there are people. Bill Maher is a liberal from the old school, and they are trying to get rid of him. Elon Musk, Elon Musk has always been a Democrat, Cruz said. They’re driving him away, so he said, ‘Okay, I’m going to vote Republican now, because these guys are crazy, he said. In April, Musk, the CEO of Starlink, sent liberals online into a tizzy when he tweeted a graphic that showed how the Democratic Party has moved to the far left in recent years. Musk’s political views, which were once just center-left, haven’t changed. Stick figures were drawn in the tweet. One is a liberal, the other is a conservative, and the third is Musk.

The meme shows him in 2008, when he was to the left of the center, next to a liberal, with the caption my fellow liberal. On the next line, it shows 2012, and Musk is still in the same place. However, as the sides get more extreme and the center moves, Musk is now only slightly to the left of the center, and the liberal is now further away, with the caption “my fellow liberal?
By the year 2021, the line shows that the center has moved far to the left and that Musk is now closer to the conservatives and to the right of the center, while the liberal is now called a woke progressive and a bigot.