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Kevin McCarthy Lands Knockout Blow on Democrats

Kevin McCarthy Lands Knockout Blow on Democrats
Kevin McCarthy Lands Knockout Blow on Democrats

Kevin McCarthy Lands Knockout Blow on Democrats

The economy of the nation is plummeting to new lows. The United States of America is currently experiencing multiple crises, all of which are having a negative impact on its financial situation. But what exactly are Pelosi and her fellow Democrats concentrating on? their ridiculous hearing during primetime for J6. They are unable to move forward from January 2021, despite the fact that we are facing significant challenges right now.

Kevin McCarthy would have none of it, as he put it. And he responded with a powerful blow. Boom. McCarthy lambasted Democrats for putting on their fake hearing show while Americans are suffering from the effects of the government shutdown. Does anyone believe the obvious misdirection that the left is making with J6 when we have such significant issues with the kitchen table?

It’s true that a lot of people detested President Trump while he was in office. But, what do you think? They had money in their bank accounts and gas in their tanks when we found them. McCarthy demanded to know why the Democrats, along with their puppet Biden, aren’t discussing the rising crime rate, inflation, and gas prices, which are all approaching or exceeding $5 per gallon on a national scale.

The Democrats are free to express their opinions on Trump as much as they like. However, it is common knowledge among Americans that they are the ones serving as president at the present time, not the 45th president.

Joe Biden and his party sat back and did nothing while helping to create runaway inflation, causing gas prices to rise, and allowing crime rates in blue cities to spiral out of control.
But why should we be concerned about something that a handful of idiots did at the Capitol a year ago? The only reason that Democrats are putting so much emphasis on their “commission” is that, in reality, they do not have any answers to the real problems that the country is facing.

They are aware that the stimulus bill sponsored by Biden was one of the many decisions that led to the current economic predicament. The Democratic Party does not intend (nor has any idea how) to fix these problems.