Biden’s Latest China Action Could Be Against the Law

Biden’s Latest China Action Could Be Against the Law

The current session of the Supreme Court is winding down and will soon come to a close. In addition, the court is currently deliberating a large number of cases. The meeting will wrap up in the month of July. Therefore, the court has only a month to finish the necessary business before it. And today, it disclosed a ruling with a majority of 6-3 regarding lawsuits filed against law enforcement.

A lawsuit that was filed against a Border Patrol agent who confronted a man was shot down by a vote of the Supreme Court. The court did not make a decision regarding whether or not the law enforcement officer had violated the 1st or 4th Amendments.

The three liberal justices cast their votes in opposition to the decision of the conservative majority. The opinion was written by Clarence Thomas, and it stated that Congress, not the courts, is responsible for defining what violations are through the law.

In today’s day and age, there are a significant number of activist judges who attempt to perform the duties of our legislatures. They make the decision to establish policy rather than uphold the laws that are already in place, thereby effectively becoming lawmakers themselves. The majority on the Supreme Court right now does not want to do this. They will not adhere to judicially created dogma because they believe it undermines the role of Congress.

Naturally, liberals have strong feelings about this. They give the impression that they believe they have the authority to decide legal matters regardless of what, when, or where they occur. This happens on a regular basis to us. The Democrats currently holding public office appear to have the mindset that they are the ones who know what is best for Americans, not us.

They will decide what the rules are, whether it be a judge, a member of the executive branch, or a lawmaker. Thank you very much. Things such as limitations on power, checks, and balances, and the will of the people come in at the very bottom of the priority list.

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