Biden Loses It After America Stands Up to Him

Biden Loses It After America Stands Up to Him

At this point, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence is calling Biden’s competence into question. If recent polls are any indication, the vast majority of Americans question his capability to serve as president. Joe Biden is the only person who continues to support the idea that Joe Biden should run for president. For crying out loud, his very own staff is the one keeping him from being the center of attention. According to recent reports, the elderly man is fuming over the fact that his successor is more popular with the American public than he is.

How pitiful is that? Joe Biden is incensed by the fact that a greater number of Americans approve of Donald Trump than he does. However, the fact that he is currently in this position is a direct result of his own incompetence as well as his lack of ability to exercise leadership.

As is their custom, Democrats are pointing the finger of blame elsewhere. It would appear that Biden is laying the blame for his lack of knowledge on his staff for keeping him out of the “loop.”
He is apparently claiming that he was unaware of the shortage of baby formula in the market. To tell you the truth, Joe, if you had actually bothered to do your job, you probably would have known about it by now.

However, we now know that this man does not eat lunch with his president on a regular basis. It would appear that he does not put any effort into scheduling regular meetings with the FDA or with anyone else. The defeat of Biden at the hands of Trump is easily explained. It’s not that the American people aren’t getting enough messaging. The reason for this is not that our perception of this White House is divorced from reality, as the spokesperson for Biden claims.

The reason for this is that the White House is currently being run by a man who has no business being called “president.” A man who is on the verge of developing dementia, surrounded by people who are employed in jobs that they shouldn’t be in. The approval ratings are right on the money. They are not errors or hiccups of any kind. The American people are coming to the realization that life was much easier for them under that “mean” man who put their interests first.

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