Durham’s Sussmann Trial Gave Trump a Boost

Durham’s Sussmann Trial Gave Trump a Boost

The mainstream liberal media is rejoicing over the acquittal of Michael Sussmann, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton who was accused of lying to the FBI. Sussmann was on trial for the offense. They appear to have forgotten that regardless of whether or not Sussmann was found guilty, this story is not even close to being finished.

It is not hard to see that Durham is casting his net in the direction of a significantly larger fish. The trial of Sussmann was merely the first step in the process.
Even though Sussmann was found not guilty, thanks to an extremely liberal jury, Clinton, her campaign, and the Democratic National Committee were all brought into the public eye as a result of the trial. The evidence that surfaced during the course of the trial indicated that Clinton pushed for the fake data to be leaked to the press. It was her idea to provide this questionable information to the media, and she did so in the hope that it would undermine Trump’s position.

This does nothing more than adding fuel to the fire of speculation that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats intentionally produced false information in order to frame Donald Trump. The scandal is more commonly known as Russiagate.

The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton has admitted that it was her idea. And Durham County’s Attorney’s Office is not finished with the prosecutions. He will then proceed to Igo Danchenko, who is closely associated with the next phase of the Russiagate investigation, which was the production of the infamous “dossier” that was released after the election. Imagine the information that could possibly be revealed during this trial. It’s possible that Hillary Clinton and those closest to her won’t face any consequences. However, the credibility of both she and her party could take a significant hit.

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