Trump falsely claims it’s “illegal for me to say” whether He’s …

Trump falsely claims it's illegal for me to say whether He's
Trump falsely claims it's illegal for me to say whether He's

(.) the last minutes of a meeting with Fox News have Sean Hannity Donald Trump guaranteed that he was unable to uncover whether he’s running for president in 2024 (.) in light of the fact that it’s unlawful It’s false a long way from it Trump’s concern is that he needs to keep (.) on fund raising into his super PAC Utilizing that as his vault of money he can ask whoever he needs (.) for cash In the event that he announces that he’s running for president he can presently don’t do that and the super PAC staff (.) should isolate from the Trump office into its own substance. Trump would then just be permitted to raise support into his official record (.)

(.) It isn’t unlawful for him to say whether he’s running in 2024 it’s only badly arranged for the cash he’d prefer to raise Another political issue for Trump is that on (.) the off chance that he chooses not to run for president, his gathering pledges will vanish. Individuals keep (.) on supporting him since they accept he will recapture his force, however on the off chance that he exits the official race, the center will go to different Republicans who might run (.)