Sorting out Trump’s comments on the Arizona audit

Sorting out Trumps comments on the Arizona audit
Sorting out Trumps comments on the Arizona audit

(…) Previous President Donald Trump gave three articulations in two days erroneously guaranteeing that casting ballot extortion and inconsistencies cost him (…) Arizona’s appointive votes Trump depended on remarks made Thursday by workers for hire employed by (…) state Senate Republicans to direct a sectarian audit of the 2020 vote include in Maricopa County which (…) incorporates metro Phoenix The measurable review as Senate GOP pioneers are calling their audit, is managed by Cyber Ninjas, a little PC security firm with no political decision experience before Trump started scrutinizing the (…) 2020 outcomes Its CEO Doug Logan spread bogus paranoid ideas about the political decision before he was employed to lead the Arizona survey (…)


(…) Logan and Ben Cotton, a computerized criminology investigator dealing with the review depicted issues they say need a further survey Trump has parroted them as (…) proof the political race results are corrupted Region authorities and decisions specialists say the cases are (…) bogus and dependent on a misconception of political race materials, which they say makes an appearance  (…) of inconsistencies where none exists. Trump spread out his cases most explicitly in an articulation Friday night. A glance at the anomalies he claims in that articulation (…)



(…) All of that is bogus The voting forms were not informal or imprinted on (…) illicit paper and even Logan never asserted they were fake Logan highlighted polling forms (…) with the printing somewhat counterbalance between the front and back He (…) guaranteed this could make votes be meant some unacceptable applicant if ink starting with one side seeps through then onto the next He said the arrangement (…) issues were generally from surveying place voting forms which are printed nearby and said around (…) 168,000 polling forms were projected that way The mind-boggling larger part of Arizona electors cast voting forms via mail (…)



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