Former attorney general describes break with Trump on election fraud

Former attorney general describes break with Trump on election fraud
Former attorney general describes break with Trump on election fraud

(…) William Barr said he trusted it was his commitment to openly express that there was no proof of elector misrepresentation in 2020 regardless of how irate (…)  it made then President Donald Trump the previous head legal officer is cited as saying in an article (…)  distributed in The Atlantic My disposition was: It was quit talking and done something time Barr disclosed to Jonathan Karl in the article featured William Barr Speaks Yet my doubt right along was that there was nothing there. It was all bulls  (…)

(…)  The previous principal legal officer disclosed to Karl that he realized Trump would push him to direct examinations and affirm the president’s often expressed conviction that the 2020 official political decision had been taken from him and that Barr suspected (…) consistently that no broad misrepresentation had occurred He likewise said that Senate Republican pioneer Mitch McConnell (…) naturally worried about forthcoming Senate spillovers in Georgia urged him to stand up (…) against the honesty of the political race Barr’s decision that there was no inescapable misrepresentation which (…) he imparted to an Associated Press journalist toward the beginning of December drew the fury of Trump who discussed himself as an outsider looking in (…)

(…) You should detest Trump Barr cited Trump as saying in an ensuing gathering Karl stated Barr felt that the president was attempting to control (…) himself however he appeared to be angrier than he had at any point seen him Barr said he additionally revealed to Trump (…) that the president had subverted his own endeavors by dispatching a scattershot, muddled lawful group (“a jokester show”) to challenge political race results from something which he said Trump didn’t differ with (…)



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  1. Barr caved who knows what his reasoning was but for the Democrats to go after voter fraud in the way that they have makes me want a complete audit of the election, if everything was as they say why fight it ? Only cements my position