Pence says he and Trump may never see eye to eye on Jan. 6 insurrection

Pence says he and Trump may never see eye to eye on Jan 6 insurrection
Pence says he and Trump may never see eye to eye on Jan 6 insurrection

(…) In his subsequent public location since leaving office, previous Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday put a little space among himself and his ex chief saying he and previous President Donald Trump may never agree on the Jan 6 insurgence Pence considered it a “dull day throughout the entire (…) existence of the United States and said thanks to the U.S. Legislative hall Police (…) and other law implementation for subduing the viciousness He didn’t specify the revolt in his first post-bad habit administration discourse in South Carolina in April (…)

(…)  County Republican Committee’s yearly Lincoln-Reagan Awards Dinner in Manchester NH alluding to the checking of Electoral College votes Also I couldn’t (…) say whether we’ll at any point agree on that day however I will consistently be pleased with what we achieved (…) for the American individuals in the course of the most recent four years He at that point blamed Democrats (…) for utilizing the Capitol uproar to isolate the country and occupy Americans from the Biden organization’s plan We should push ahead Pence said (…)

(…)  Pence’s relationship with Trump has been rough since the revolt after the then-VP conflicted with Trump’s public requests that he help upset (…) the consequences of the 2020 political race Pence’s notice of Jan. 6 wasn’t the lone time the previous VP alluded to his (…) disparities with Trump on Thursday A few groups believe we’re somewhat unique Pence said drawing (…) snickers from the group Yet I think what President Trump showed us was what Republicans can achieve when our chiefs stand firm on traditionalist standards and don’t withdraw (…)

(…) In the wake of promoting the Trump organization’s proceeds onward key arguments like migration, exchange, the economy and political (…) decision trustworthiness, Pence slammed President Joe Biden for what he called crusading as a moderate and afterward (…) overseeing as the most liberal president since FDR Since leaving office, Pence has worked with the Heritage (…) Foundation and Young America’s Foundation He has now shown up in two key official swing states as he gauges a 2024 bid for the White House (…)



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  1. Most Trump supporters consider Pence a turncoat back stabber and a Pelosi elbow bumping traitor. Plus I’ve heard even worse things about him. I would support a democrap before I’d consider Pence, and initially I was so happy Trump picked him as VP. At least you know where the demoncraps stand. I dont think Pence has a chance of running against our great President Trump. Everyone knows the election was rigged, and the riot at the Capitol was staged to make Trump look bad. E mails 2 days ahead of Jan 6th between dems n the paid rioters have shown up, giving them their marching orders for the 6th. They are all in collusion with each other. Ask Pence about the “arrangement” he had with another traitor, Paul Ryan…. Do some digging people, don’t believe the msm!