Actress Kathy Griffin said that she can’t be tested for coronavirus because of Trump

Actress Kathy Griffin said that she can't be tested for coronavirus because of Trump
Actress Kathy Griffin said that she can't be tested for coronavirus because of Trump

The Famous American  comedian and actress Kathy Griffin 59 were probably rushed to the emergency room with chest torments but it’s okay ???  to whine she wasn’t allowed to try for COVID-19 …. (…) as she said Constant Trump-hating liar Kathy Griffin said : she needed to go to the clinic in the wake of unforgettable & painful  protests §§§  which also seemed to be related to the COVID-19 virus Incredibly NOT surprisingly Kathy Griffin makes no reference to the medical clinic she went to only realizes that it is a significant emergency clinic  (…)

currently and However once inside the emergency room d List d ” as Dimwitted wants to be a star said she could not be tried for the infection due to CDC limitations despite being in a major medical clinic ///as we see The 59-year-old man who seemed progressively looks like 109 accused the current  President of the United States Of America President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence §§  of not making the evidence accessible (…)

as it seemed Also despite being in excruciating agony she had enough solidarity to rush to life online while lying in bed at the emergency clinic §§§ to complain about the horrible orange man ” Additionally she shared a photograph of herself, so no one knows in isolation wearing a veil at the medical clinic (…)etc..  ” American artist and on-screen character Griffin Kathy have clarified that although her side effects were not a joke she was considered unqualified for the test ”

§§§In such case, the Actress and famous Kathy Griffin came in demonstrating clear side effects of Coronavirus and the Hospital probably isolated it the main thing they would do would be to evaluate it, etc .. §§ He recently announced that the United States has undoubtedly conducted more tests than any other country by far United States leader Donald Jr. Trump said (….) Kathy Griffin whimpered that President of USA Donald Trump was lying. :  the American on-screen character and well known Kathy Griffin disclosed I was sent to the infection disengagement ward in a significant medical clinic ER from a different dire consideration office subsequent to indicating the  side effects The emergency clinic couldn’t test me for coronavirus in light of Pence team limitations ‘…’





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  1. Every story I read about her, she sounds crazier than before!! Seems there will be several in the race to that rubber room!!!